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An organization is as good as its people!

This is the belief that forms the basis of our recognition and rewards policy. It is basic human nature to feel the need to be recognized. Every individual strives to create a sense of belonging to his family, friends, neighborhoods and community. It is a proven fact that behavior that gets rewarded gets reinforced.

At RInfra-Roads Business this appreciation can be in the form of recognition that is either verbal or written. Both cash rewards and non-monetary appreciation serves to boost an individual’s potential to exceed his limitations and perform beyond expectation.


Ample Growth Opportunities

We pride ourselves in our employees because we believe that they are the driving force behind our stupendous success. The crux of RInfra-Roads Business is its people and we take pride in picking the best brains in the country to be a part of our extraordinary pool of talent. Therefore, we consider it our commitment to provide our employees with ample opportunities in order to help them exercise their responsibilities, creativity and accountability towards themselves and the organization.

By providing a holistic work experience, we want our employees to get more out of life than just working hard. Therefore we specially focus on developing the right people skills by valuing our employees’ suggestions and opinions because exciting and enriched experiences lead to dynamic ideas and innovations.

We truly believe when you join of RInfra-Roads Business, our commitment and employee friendly initiatives will make you a happy member of this family forever.


Infusing Leadership Values

At Human Resource, we strive continually to make R-Infra a place where people are infused with enthusiasm to produce innovative ideas and turn the company into a leader. The endeavor is to build the bottom line and provide value not only to all its stakeholders but the nation at large.

With the holistic and rapid growth of our businesses at, it is imperative that we find the finest talent equally fast. The right blend of competencies and talents are quintessential for our critical talent requirements. Therefore, a career planning program is designed to meet requirements wherein potential employees are groomed and developed to take critical leadership roles in the future from within. These initiatives have enhanced our over all leadership team effectiveness, sharpened leadership competencies and created a pipeline for the organization’s growing need of ‘leaders with a perspective’.