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Continuous learning for continued excellence

Our Founder Father, Late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani has infused the strong passion and ability to continuously learn, unlearn and relearn. This approach has been instrumental in building an organization that has now assumed dimensions that are both timeless and ageless.

Our training focuses on the development of both functional competencies and behavioral attributes. We at RInfra-Roads Business believe that training is an integral part of our business and a critical factor in transforming ourselves into a Learning Organization.


Aspiring Employees

An organization is fueled by the Aspirations of its people. These Aspirations big or small, mundane or distinctly peculiar shape the future of the organization in the form of personal or professional goals. Aspirations and Goals are dreams with a set destination, to be reached in a set time. Your Aspiration is the aim of of RInfra-Roads Business’s Performance Management System (PMS).

The understanding and use of the system has today undergone a paradigm shift with emphasis on individual development and growth in augment to performance. In-depth understanding of the development needs of the employees through the PMS and addressing the same, plays an imperative role in achieving high performance standards throughout the organization.


Shaping Winners

Our Mentorship program for graduates and management trainees acts as a platform for interaction between experienced professionals and freshers. It’s a triad between the mentor, reporting officer and mentee. A mentor guides and facilitates the working of an individual through knowledge exchange and better process understanding. In the process, the mentee gets an opportunity to enlist the help of an experienced person who can lead and guide him. At RInfra-Roads Business Mentees turn to their mentors for counsel, for motivation, for key techniques and strategies that minimize risk and maximize success.

The mentorship program at RInfra-Roads Business has been extremely successful in developing talent and creating a strong organizational culture of trust, sharing and mutual growth.